Chris Sale is a Five Year Old

Welcome to the adult world Chris Sale. When your boss tells you to do something you do it. Even if that thing is wearing an ugly costume for my amusement.

Reports coming out of Chicago say that the best pitcher in the American League was sent home and missed a start was not because he was traded. This is of course what was originally thought, and is still expected to happen shortly. No, early reports out of Chicago indicate that he was sent home due to a locker room altercation. What was this altercation? Sale didn’t want to wear throwback uniforms. He thought they were ugly. He was told to wear them anyway. So, he did what any mature adult would. He went into the locker room during batting practice and tore the uniforms so that the team couldn’t wear them. For this reason, he was skipped over in the rotation.


Now, I’m not really a fight the power type, but go for it Sale. Fight those fascist owners treating you black White Sox so poorly. I mean how could they expect you to wear something as ugly as a throwback uniform? Only every team does it. Good for you, just maybe be more mature and get over it in the future.

(This was actually written by Dirty Dan but he’s having a lot of problems with WordPress and his WiFi right now so he’s unable to actually contribute anything right now. However, because he’s such a dedicated blogger, and in the name of #content, he sent me this whole post via text message and asked me to post it on his behalf.)

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