Allow Me to Introduce Myself

There I was, out in the brutally cold elements. I could hear a pack of wolves, who had once been long in the distance, now only a few hundred yards back. The wind whipped at my face, burning it severely. Maybe a mile ahead of me was a nearly collapsed shack. Inside of the shack I knew I’d find her. They had taken her a couple of weeks ago now, as retribution. I was terrified of what shape I was likely to find her in, but I knew that I would bring her home.

Glancing behind me I saw the first wolf, with emotionless eyes he stared at me from over a small hill. I began to try to pick up speed without showing any fear, but I found it difficult to move in the high snow. Those beasts knew I was nervous. They began to pick up speed. Not too far from me I noticed the decaying body of a caribou. I sprinted for it. The body was mostly bone, to which I was grateful. It made it easier to rip off the poor creatures jaw bone. Once I had done so I turned and found the first of the great grey wolves leaping at me…




I am at my third college in three semesters. At one point I was confident with my great plan for life, but now I am less so. In actuality I am an English major who is hoping to meet someone and just sort of talk my way into a job. I’d like to think it is rather likely. I’ve been hoodwinked into starting this site with a friend who is claiming that he gets to be the CEO. So, I suppose that makes me the CFO. Who is gonna say otherwise?


Whichever makes me sound cooler.

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