Android vs Apple (AKA Aiden is wrong)


To put it bluntly, Apple products are easy. They are easy to use, easy to get extra parts for, easy to find a charger during class from literally almost anyone, the easy sync with the MacBook Pro that basically everyone has, or the fact that it makes group chats infinitely easier. iPhones are simple, and if you incorrectly use the transitive property in math, it equals iPhone users as simpletons, definitely don’t need to back that up with facts.

Apple products are simple, super simple. They are made for people who don’t understand the potential or really anything remotely complicated about each device. It has been said (by not just me, so don’t get mad) that Apple products are for those who don’t understand each device. This is why I have a MacBook and an iPad, because  you can practically end your laptop rather easily by doing the wrong thing and other tablets are too confusing. However, on most other laptops you can properly code and run basically any game on Steam. Something I am frankly not interested in because I’m not a child whose idea of a Friday night is playing Overwatch while talking to people I don’t know on Skype or Team Speak (sorry majority of friends from high school).

Like the iPad and the MacBook, the iPhones easy, except to is its highest competitor, the Galaxy. Galaxys are simple, so simple my uncle who barely knows how to use a computer can use its Easy Mode (seriously it’s like he never used a computer or seen one in his life). The Galaxy has several different groupings of applications, from Google, to Verizon (or what ever your phone company is), to Amazon, to Samsung applications.  I like the options and different ways I can make it my phone. There is an infinite amount more apps for your phone customization. I can get what song, background, theme (like a full theme for my phone inside and out), or whatever I would like, when I would like it for free. I have Widgets which are fantastic, I have a full newspaper with a swipe to the left of my homepage, I have my Gmail inbox open and able to read without using an application. It is easy, convenient, completely customizable, and it has been scientifically proven to show the best puppy and kitten videos, that’s a fact.

Some people argue that group texts are easier with iPhone, and I agree if you are using the normal text app, but there are 101 other usable and better apps including Facebook Messenger, something that everyone has. The Galaxy Edge is hands down the sleekest phone on the market, so any points to the contrary are wrong, your opinion is invalid. They are waterproof, which is helpful, as no iPhone ever was. However, have you all noticed how iPhones have been getting longer and slimmer? That’s because they are copying the Galaxy design which hasn’t changed in years. The photographs are amazing, the voice activation actually works and is 99% accurate, whereas my iPad, -10%.

Guys, my parents have iPhones, so that is definitely a point on its own. There is nothing more annoying then listening to adults talk about their phones and also simultaneously not know any of the words they are using. Parents are lame, everyone knows that.

Galaxy phones not only have the disposal of the Google Cloud which saves everything, but if there is more you can use a micro USB and transfer data from phone to phone. I can also download free songs to my phone, which may not be useful around campus when you can stream using WiFi, but it was greatly useful in Europe.

Final point, if you have an iPhone, they might have just called your name for a vanilla caramel basic individual at Starbucks (mike drop).

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