Blog God in Canada


Bonjour Skimmers,

As much as I wish I was announcing the title of a soon to be released feature film about my exploits as a Mountie, I’m actually here to tell you something much less exciting. For the next week or so, I’ll be in Montreal. I’m still going to try to bring you the latest and most important news, but it’ll be hard because these French people keep trying to touch me because I have a tan, something they’ve never seen before this far north.

To make matters worse (and make #content less), Dirty Dan and Phat Pat are also busy doing Dirty Dan and Phat Pat stuff and probably won’t be able to contribute much of at all. I promise that this is only a temporary situation. If we produce less, it’s just because we, although but lowly bloggers, have lives and sometimes can’t get to the computer. I’m sorry if we’ve let any of you down.

Je me souviens,

Aiden Cornelius Moriarty, CEO, Blog God, Diplomat?

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