Chile Needs to Chill

Flag of Chile
Flag of Chile

Aside from a tasty dish for hicks south of Virginia, it turns out Chile is actually a country as well. And it also turns out that Chile’s capital city of Santiago is ripe with political conflict and shares the American desire for protests, because today, July 25, over 200,000 protesters decided to march on the capital city and demand their freedom from the unquestionable tyranny of……….. pension plans. While Americans are falling asleep in economics class, it turns out the Chileans realize how much pension plans are designed to screw over working class people for the promise of money later down the road.

If anybody has ever heard the phrase, “The check is in the mail,” or the significantly more modern phrase, “Bro I gotchu next time we go out,” you will know that anybody taking your money now with the promise of money later is probably gonna short you or take your money and run. Pension plans are a scam.

Also, why did Chile even bother to play Team USA in a FIBA basketball game. Did they really think a country that rhymes with silly could do anything against the home-bred steroid-inducing powerhouse that is Team USA basketball?

I would talk more about this whole Chile pension plan thing but Chile just doesn’t deserve that much of our time or attention.

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