DNC Leaks

Alright, so I saw on Twitter that the DNC had about 20,000 emails leaked. Some of them seem to be pretty bad as well. That being said, none of it is surprising. It’s stuff like the DNC tried to make Sanders seem like an atheist in states where that would hurt him, or lying about his support starting fights in Nevada. You know, the sort of thing you figured was going on anyway. But, my personal favorite is the Trump Craigslist leak. Apparently, the DNC was making fake Craigslist ads. These ads were from Trump, and were designed to make him seem sexist (because he needs help with that).

It’s kind of funny to see this going down actually. You know they’re panicking. Clinton’s VP choice is a none factor to help her. I heard something about them being behind Trump by nine points in the polls (I have no idea if that is accurate), and they have the weakest convention lineup ever. I mean Lena Dunham. Lena fucking Dunham. Your convention is gonna be trash, just like you’re trash at rigging elections.

Updates if I think to, or am not being lazy.

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