Florida Being Florida

image (2)So, in the Tampa area they recently found some crabs. Now, this is oddly enough not due to being one of the strip club strongholds of the world. Rather, they are this odd thing known as ocean crabs. Weird. Anyway, the big deal with these crabs is that slurs about Hillary Clinton have been written on them. That’s right, there is some psychopath who is running around catching crabs, painting them, then releasing them.

It takes one hundred degree heat, and 100% humidity to be this crazy. No way anyone living in a habitable environment would ever do this. It just doesn’t make sense to do this. It doesn’t make sense for someone without anything other than this, to do this. Like if you can be doing anything other than catch VD, you have something better to do than paint slurs about Hillary on crabs.

Side note: This is some hate. This is pure, unadulterated hate. This is the kind of hate that gets politicians shot. This is scientific proof that, for better or worse, Hillary has already lost.

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