Gotta Catch ‘Em All

pokemon go“Pokemonkey,” as my parents have called it on more than several occasions, has taken the world by storm. Pokemon Go is the app of the summer, recently gaining more downloads from the App Store during its first week than any other app has in its first week, ever. Nintendo fanboys and fangirls alike have been waiting their whole lives for this app, and didn’t even know they needed it until it was launched in all of its glory.

I mean, sure, I grew up playing Pokemon on my GameBoy Advance SP and subsequent DS (Pokemon FireRed and Diamond = lit), but everyone has gone apeshit (no disrespect to Harambe, RIP) over this game, both for and against it.

Where there’s hype, there’s haters. Honestly, why are y’all mad? Life imitating art tends to be a good thing. This app has been getting our lazy, easily amused American asses off of our couches and into the world, likely inspiring more than a few walks, or, if you’re like me, near car crashes in the quest to find a Snorlax. Hospitals are even using it to get children to complete their physical therapy.

Sure, some worry about people getting hit by cars when they cross a freaking highway to get a Pokemon, but that’s just natural selection. Let it run its course. People need to learn how to read warning screens, and the Nintendo and Niantic teams need to upgrade their servers. It’s as simple as that.

Central Park in New York City has perhaps gotten the most traffic, with hordes of people congregating just about everywhere. Like, look at this.


I could genuinely understand annoyance with that, if I’m trying to breeze through to get to whatever it is cityfolk do.

Hell, even Desiigner is in there, playing Pokemon. I mean, I have no clue what he’s saying, but regardless, he’s enjoying himself.

Pokemon is for the people.

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