How Bad Could Trump Be?

image1It’s time that everyone gets on the Trump Train. Not because he would be a good President, but to avoid the internment camps. We all know that they’re keeping track of who votes for who this year. So, just be careful about it. But, to get to my main point, as a white male, how bad could Trump be? I mean, we aren’t on his list of people to “get.” So, while groups, such as Latinos, are going to see him go after them, white men will probably be ignored. In fact, he’ll probably give us more power than before.

Furthermore, I am pretty sure he’s full of shit. I am pretty sure that Trump is just rhetoric, for the sake of rhetoric. Rhetoric for the sake of winning the lowest common denominator of people. Therefore, he wins the GOP nomination. Therefore, he wins the election because the Democrats are so messed up. And, make no mistake, he is probably winning. Hillary is probably the least electable candidate ever, for reasons as different as her being corrupt to just plain annoying to listen to. Besides, no way Trump is as dangerous as Cruz, who actually believes what he says.

At the end of the day, how bad could it be? Other than being Catholic, and his lack of disavowing of the KKK, nothing bad other than an economic crash could happen, or war, or we become a laughing stock.

I don’t believe he believes most of what he says. What he says is awful, and it has proven how many idiots exist to support him, but he’s friends with Hillary. At the end of the day, the day to day life of the white male won’t change too much. It’s like why would you be opposed to the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930s? Your morals? That’s a good way to get yourself murdered. But, again, I do not believe that he actually believes any of this. So, I don’t know what to make out of it other than he was either paid by her to run, or just wants his name to live forever, like Nero.

Side note: Trump would be a disaster as President. Absolutely awful. He’s a spoiled brat, who was born with a silver rattle up his ass. He’s a bad business man, who has been bankrupt eight times. He hires illegal immigrants, and hates freedom of the press. He supports war crimes, and would probably get us all killed.

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