How I Feel RN About the Election

As I write this, the GOP just finished their convention, the DNC just had a bunch of real sketchy emails leaked on WikiLeaks. Shouts to my boy Julian Assange for founding that site, love me some WikiLeaks. Hillary picked what may be the daddest man in politics for her VP, and Trump is trying to kiss his VP. Weird things abound, and both parties are pretty much shitshows. I’m still pretending that Gary Johnson will be let into the debates and his campaign will really take off from there, because you are our only hope, Gary-won Konobi. When I think about what’s happening in presidential politics, these are my thoughts:


It’s not pretty. My only solace is that taxes are the only thing that the government does that has a noticeable effect on the life of a #BlogGod, and at least this wacky election season leads to plenty of content, content, content. Also, I live in Massachusetts, so no matter who my president is Charlie Baker is still my governor.

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