Lil Dicky Signs With Big Name Manager

Lil Dicky is every college guy’s favorite rapper in the game right now. He’s clever, outrageous, and almost more importantly, it feels like he’s one of us. LD is a graduate of the University of Richmond. He often raps about being a typical suburban guy. As a fellow typical suburban guy, real recognizes real. The man is definitely about the ‘burb life. It’s hard to find rappers you identify with when you’re a middle class, suburban, white kid. Having Lil Dicky around is sorta really cool.

An interesting aspect of his career has always been his drive. He quit a damn good job working in marketing to pursue rapping, which isn’t the typical origin story. Then he worked tirelessly to gain a following, initially on YouTube. Last year, he dropped his first studio album, Professional Rapper. If I was a music critic, I would give it every star I can possibly give an album. His hard work is being recognized by the industry.

A couple weeks ago, he tweeted out “my new manager is @scooterbraun, i wonder if i’ll ever get him to show me his dick or anything cool like that, that requires a lot of trust.” This guy Scooter Braun is a big deal. He manages Justin Bieber for Christ’s sake.  That’s easily one of the biggest guys a manager can manage right now. And now he has Lil Dicky. I’m really hoping this opens a lot of doors for the Jewish rapper from Philadelphia. Hopefully he gets on a song with Biebs.

Look out, world: Lil Dicky is coming.

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