Lil Wayne is a Hypocrite

When I think of Lil Wayne, I think of cough syrup, weed, and New Orleans. New Orleans makes me think of drinking, and therefore drinking comes to mind when I think of Lil Wayne. Syrup, weed, and booze pretty much sums up what I had always figured Weezy was all about: getting fucked up. This is just a casual fan’s observation, maybe he thinks he stands for some higher purpose or that he represents a worthy cause, but I can’t think of what Lil Wayne could possibly represent better than loading your body up with whatever might give you some sort of high or buzz.

Since (I’ve decided) he’s the poster boy for rappers who get fucked up, you’d think he recognized that his fans have similar aspirations. You’d particular have to figure they want to booze, smoke, and sip sizzurp at his shows. I personally wouldn’t know, since I’ve never been to a Lil Wayne concert, but I’d imagine the average person at one is at least slightly under the influence. This hypothesis is confirmed for me by the Montreal Gazette:

“Imagine Lil Wayne’s surprise when he discovered that the whole audience seemed to be utterly stoned at his San Bernardino gig on Saturday.”

Alright, seems weird that the guy who has lines like, “Well of course, I smoke mad weed, I’m on my high horse,” would be surprised that his fans were, well, smoking mad weed and being on their high horse. Also, this is him:


Weed is like, half of this man’s identity.

But Ol’ Weezy wasn’t just surprised to find the crowd stoned. He was pissed. The Gazette goes on to say:

“But barely three songs into his one-hour set, he lost patience with the unfocused crowd, Rolling Stone reports. He dropped the mic and stormed offstage.

But first he ranted thusly: ‘Don’t you ever call me to do this (rude word) again. Ever.’ To be sure his message cut through the haze, he added this: ‘Don’t you ever, ever, ever, ask me to do this (rude word).'”

Wow. Lil Wayne, man, know your audience. If I had spent the last twenty years rapping about smoking weed and drinking so much codeine that I’ve been hospitalized several times because of it, I think I’d know what to expect out of my fans. He’s just being unreasonable here.

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