Of Course We Won WWII

Ignorance. Pure ignorance to be throwing out there, Aiden. Did we really win WWII? Of course we won WWII. We didn’t just win WWII on the battlefields. We won it on islands. We won it on the beaches. We won it on landing grounds. We won it in the fields and streets. We won it on the hills. And Germany and Japan surrendered.

Of course we won WWII. Furthermore, our soldiers remained in the countries we defeated for years afterword. That is a historical fact. In this time the Americans deployed in these countries taught the locals the pastime of the USA; baseball. Americans forced baseball on their defeated enemy. Not only did we win the war, we forced them to assimilate. We took these countries and made them in our image, starting at baseball up. Japan was incredibly different culturally than us, now Tokyo looks like Times Square (maybe, I’ve got no actual idea if that is even sort of correct).

Also, there is a baseball team in Hiroshima now. If that isn’t the definition of victory in total war, then I don’t know what is.

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