Please Welcome to the Blog, Mr. Nick Strokis

As a below average college student who absolutely hates writing, deciding to join in on this blog project has been one of my more interesting choices as of late. My lack of knowledge of and failure to keep up with current events is definitely going to put a limit on what kind of content I can contribute to the blog. Rather than skimming newspapers and having witty comments on most topics like Aiden does, I’m the guy who sits around in the back and drops the most random, unrelated comments in every situation you can imagine.

Instead of¬†pretending to know what the fuck is going on in the world, I’m going to focus on posting as many of the strange things that pop into my head as I can.

DISCLAIMER: Poor decisions, strange hypothetical situations, and odd ways of rationalizing everything I do is all you’re ever going to find here. I can’t promise quality content or anything particularly thought provoking, but you may be entertained and possibly appalled by my posts.


I hope y’all are as entertained with my thoughts as I am.

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