RC Cola Still Exists

Really big news here. A few hours ago I was at my local Stop & Shop checking out the soda aisle looking for a beverage to enjoy. Just as I was telling Dirty Dan how much I wished RC Cola was still a thing, I turned my head slightly to the right and saw there on the shelf. I was so excited, I literally grabbed that shit and giddily ran to the self check out (because only suckers still go to the cashiers, and the Blog God ain’t no sucker). I paid my $1.89, plus Massachusetts’ bizzaro five cent tax on bottled drinks. Seriously, why does that tax exist? What is it for? Is it earmarked for some weird government recycling program? If so that’s stupid, recycling is a liberal plot to melt plastic and make guns with it to take over the world.

Anyway, I have never been this excited. I loved RC Cola as a kid and was absolutely positive that it had been discontinued somewhere around 2005. That was probably the last time I’ve had it. Seeing in a store and being able to buy it was probably the highlight of this week, and I saw Paul McCartney on Sunday. I wasn’t even out the door before I cracked that two liter and started chugging the creamy, cola goodness that is Royal Crown.

Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Fanta: this is a list of soda brands that don’t hold a candle to RC. I love that stuff so much. I just think it’s major news that it still exists.

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