The Red Sox Will Win the World Series

When it comes to sports, I’m not big into statistics, or analysis, or knowing all the players’ names. The only thing I trust when it comes to making sports predictions is my gut. Even when the odds are stacked against a team, if my gut says they’re going to win then they’re going to win. It’s science. If that wasn’t true I wouldn’t be able to write it down because it’s illegal to write down false information.

Now there are only three things I believe in: the one true Roman Catholic Church, a balanced breakfast, and the Boston Red Sox. And let me tell you what, it’s a good year to believe in Boston.

In ’04 there was “cowboy up.” In ’07 the Sox had Jonathan Papplbon, one of the most entertaining people to play baseball in my lifetime. In ’13 we had Johnny Gome’s ski goggles. The Red Sox are better when they’re quirky. That’s just a fact. It can’t be disproven. This year, our outfield is straight up silly. They have that dance. That dance is proof enough that they will win the World Series.

Also, who’s gonna stop us? “Good” teams on the American League include the Indians and the Orieles. Those teams are by law not allowed to win World Series. In the National League, the Cubs and the Expos are good (I refuse to acknowledge that they’re no longer the Expos). Also not legally allowed to win. There’s no one to get in the Sox’ way.

The City of Champions will reign again.

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