There is Now a Wall Around Trump’s Hollywood Star

As I was scrolling through Twitter, I found this picture.


Fucking genius. No other words for this move. Bold as hell. I love it.

Now his star is far and away the best defended on the entire Walk of Fame. Even more so than Muhammed Ali’s, which is on a wall. All those illegal ant can still traipse up and down that wall, murdering and raping all over Ali’s star. Only Trump’s is sufficiently protected.

Especially fond of the little American flag put up on the wall.

What I think is my favorite part about this is the fact that the Donald will totally love this if he ever hears about it. Whoever did this probably did it as a symbol of protest or whatever, but I guarantee that it’ll backfire. Trump’s response would be completely positive.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be that surprised to find out Donald did this himself.

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