They’re Making a Gilmore Girls Revival


You read that right. They’re making more fucking Gilmore Girls. Apparently this is known, because when I said something, my sister seemed to have heard about it, and said how excited she was while my father and I groaned audibly. No one needs this. Gilmore Girls is the most ridiculous show I think I’ve ever seen, and that’s coming from a guy who loves Futurama, American Dad, and dumb shows like that. Those cartoons are still more realistic than Gilmore Girls.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to not see it, I’ll give you a quick run down. It’s about an irresponsible thirty-something single mother raising her teenage daughter, who she named after herself. The daughter is a smart girl, and significantly more responsible than her mother, which doesn’t happen in nature. Also, the mother has rich parents who send the daughter to “Chilton,” a made up private school because the writers were too scared to actually call it Choate. It just gets more stupid as the seasons go. A big plot point is Rory, the daughter, picking between Harvard and Yale, because those are apparently the only good schools in the country.

The writers obviously don’t know how real people behave, and even though it’s obvious they’re going for a typical New England town, they were off by a mile. I live in an actually New England town. We don’t have bards. We have decaying paper mills and poverty. All in all, it’s a terribly dumb show. I’m very, very upset that it’s coming back on TV. My mom and my sister love the show, so I know it’s going to be on in my living room all the time. The other day, I got yelled at by my sister for watching a game in the living room because she wanted to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Beyond pissed that I’m gonna have to deal with even more of that.

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