Things I’ve Hated in July 2016


It has been pointed out to me numerous times that I hate more things than I like. That may be true, I’m not sure, I’ve never counted. I do admit that I hate a lot of stuff though. However, usually that hate doesn’t last very long. I go from wanting to destroy something or someone’s existence, to forgetting about said existence in a matter of weeks, if not days. So from now on, every month I will lay out a list of what of hated the most during that month. Since we’re running out of July, I’ll begin today.

Lena Dunham 

I do not like anything about Lena Dunham. I’m not even sure why I have to hear about her. Girls is pretty much nothing more than boring soft core porn. From what I’ve seen, albeit not much, it’s just not high quality television. Young women living in Manhattan having sex, big whoop. No need to make a shitty TV show about it. Recently, she was something I had to hear about because she thinks it’s racist or something for Oberlin College’s cafeteria to make bad sushi. I think she used the phrase “cultural appropriation,” or some other liberal jargon that makes me roll my eyes and immediately discredit everything the person using it has to say. If you’re expecting a college cafeteria to well represent any dish, let alone an exotic one, you’re a fucking moron. Where I go to school, we’re lucky if the pizza has cheese instead of plastic on it. It’d blow my mind if they were able to make any sushi, even if it was really bad.

Brian Dozier

For those of you who don’t watch baseball (you freaking communists), BrainDozer is second baseman for the Minnesota Twins. He’s also a bastard and I hope he breaks every bone in his body. I have no particular reason to hate him, but my God do I hate him. He didn’t really do that much during the recent series the Twins played against the Sox, but for whatever reason watching it made me hate him more than anyone else in Major League Baseball. Like, I think I would still hate him even if the Sox had swept the series, let alone the pathetic 2/4 they managed in real life.

This Heat Wave

I’m not even sure if there actually is a heat wave going on in Massachusetts right now, but it just feels like it’s been a lot hotter than it should be. I love summer, and would take the weather now over snow any day of the week and twice on Sundays, but it has been so hot. Also almost no rain. My lawn is more dead those Caveman SpongeBob memes. I can barely play outside, and the Blog God loves playing outside. If I could get a breeze one time, I think it would make my month.

My Pet Mouse

I got a pet mouse this month. At first I loved the shit out of her, she’s so cute and awesome, but now she’s afraid of me. I think. At first she was hiding every time I walked in the room. Now she stands on her hind legs and stares me down. She might be trying to intimidate me, like what you’re supposed to do when you run into a black bear, but she also might want to fight me. Like I’m 75% sure my mouse is planning a coup, and that I am going to die at some point in my sleep. I’m really not looking forward to it.

That’s about it for stuff I’ve hated this month.

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