Time to Give Up on the Olympics

2016-rio-olympics759-1Let’s be real for a minute here: there is no way the Olympics will happen.

I firmly believe that, but I don’t even think it’s a bold statement anymore. The world has watched and worried for months looking at the state of Rio. I’ve been patiently waiting for them to get their shit together, but they just haven’t.

The place is a dump, pollution and everything. Their government is yet to deliver on a promise of a massive clean up. With less than a month to go, they haven’t built necessary structures like housing or even certain stadiums. How are they gonna build a stadium under such time constraints? Also, they wouldn’t even be able to test safety measures which is really scary. Not to mention Brazil is home to the world’s newest epidemic, Zika. The disease has caused athletes to refrain from competing, and I think that’s the real shame. These poor athletes train all their lives for an opportunity they seriously might not get again, but decide not to go for fear of contracting some virus, or even other problems arising because that’s not the only issue Brazil has.

After all this I’m just left wondering: who the hell chose this place?

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