Why Does This Exist?

I would rather listen to Bruce Springsteen for another week than listen to that again. I am a staunch liberal who backs Bernie all the way, and now I’m With Her, I guess, since I absolutely cannot be complacent with Fuhrer Trump coming into power (seriously, his rhetoric is eerily similar to Hitler’s) and not voicing my opinion with my ballot.

But that video. That made me not want to vote anymore. My main gripe is with the song choice. “Fight Song” needs to never play again, anywhere, and it was on its way off commercials and radio stations until this cover. I can guarantee it’s going to try to make a comeback, and I certainly don’t want that, and I doubt anybody else does either. I thought it was bad enough when Rachel One-Hit-Wonder sings it, but when a shit ton of celebrities go a capella with it to promote a presidential candidate, it actually gets worse.

We need more “This Land is Your Land,” not pop bullshit.

I’m still going to vote, for a multitude of reasons including the fact that Neil Young hates the classless hack that is Donald Trump too.

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