Why I Want Jon Stewart To Be My Dad

UnknownDon’t get me wrong, I love my Dad. He has always been there, he has always supported me, and he always will. He has definitely helped me to become the person I am today. This is more of just my feelings toward Jon Stewart.

When I was in middle school, I would sneak downstairs to watch The Daily Show because I knew that I was not allowed to watch such “foul” shows at my age. I loved the harsh, in-your-face delivery and how this guy was always proving people wrong, and, as an instigator and annoying little kid, this was appealing to me. I found it to be the funniest show I had ever watched, but I understood next to none of the references, I just knew to laugh when words got bleeped out. What’s funnier to a middle schooler than cursing? As I continued to watch, I learned more about politics, current events, and myself. I saw what it meant to be passionate about politics and others while still being amusing and making people laugh. As I continued to watch, I could not get enough. I furthered my research in both politics and comedy, and found that’s where my interests lie. I learned what issues made me passionate and to angle issues to resonate with people, all while still saying the F-word and yelling at people who I can lightly describe as jerks, but in the words of Jon Stewart, they would be the idiots atop of bullshit mountain.

The Daily Show became everything to me, I wanted to be Jon Stewart, I wanted to look as smart and educated as he was and make people laugh. I was (and am) short, loud, eccentric, and Jewish (well close enough anyway). He became my idol and what I wanted to do with my life. Making jokes in the shower to the audience of shampoos and conditioners and just wishing that I was on that stage was a regular occurrence for me.

But enough about my dreams, and on to why I think he would be an awesome dad. First off, he’s cool, super cool, like he would be the coolest dad ever. He would catch you on your BS immediately, you cannot trick Jon Stewart, that’s practically one of his super powers. His ability to keep you entertained is amazing, and when coupled with all the lessons he teaches you, is top tier dad stuff. He majored in philosophy, played soccer in college, and is short, I don’t really think this has any bearing on his dad skillz but it’s similar to me. He is immaturely mature, which is universally the best way to be an adult. Be fun, don’t take yourself too seriously, but when needed he would snap into action like Captain Underpants, just more clothes and no cape… maybe a cape. He’s got a solid beard, enough said on that topic. He seems like the kinda guy who could be his daughter’s knight in shining armor and his son’s partner in crime, the perfect dad combo.

To me, all these things make him a top tier dad. And yet, he has been gone for too long. I, like many of you, miss Jon Stewart and hope for him to come back with some kind of show, really, any kind of show soon. Also, please be my dad. #jonstewartbemydad #bringjonstewartback

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