Hope Solo Sucks


Do people still like Hope Solo? I know that a few years ago everyone acted like she was gorgeous, but then nudes of her leaked and nobody could see her as good looking anymore. But, do people still like Hope Solo, as an athlete? I truly hope (get it) not. At this point she is past her prime, and not very good. Beyond that, she is such a shitty person.

Now, I know that it is not all too common for goalies to make saves in soccer, because why should you show some skill? It just seems like Solo is worse than all other goalies. Whenever I watch USA women’s soccer, which is more often than I ever thought I would, Hope Solo lets every shot on goal go in. I mean, teams in these past Olympics were getting one shot on goal a game against the USA, and somehow tying us. Now, as we were recently eliminated by Sweden, it is obvious just how bad she was. Yes, the offense didn’t score enough. However, the Swedish goalie made saves. Goddammit, why can’t Hope Solo do that?

Beyond sucking at soccer Hope Solo is definitely on some sort of PED. I have no proof of this claim, but I just sort of know. She is big and angry. Not to mention that she be the shit out of her little nephew. I mean a grown bitch beating up a thirteen year old? That’s fucked. I’m pretty sure she did something similar to someone else too. I don’t care to look it up though.

At the end of the day, Hope Solo sucks. I don’t know if people like her anymore, but if they do, stop. Hope Solo is bad at what they do.

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