How PC is Disney Really?

When you think of Disney, you probably think of good, all American fun. You may even think of a place for families. You may even think of a place that is for children, and not for those without little kids. So, why is it that while I was at the goddamned Magic Kingdom I was attacked by racism? My God. How can we allow this to happen?

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Whoa, hold on now. I was not expecting that one. Injun Joe? Injun Joe? I broke out laughing when I saw it. I know it is accurate to Tom Sawyer, but the big swinging balls on Disney to just go for it. You can also go through Injun Joe’s cave, and shoot a rifle in “Injun Territory.”

It seemed like one racist thing, at an unpopular attraction. But, if you do a little bit more digging is it really all that surprising? This is the company that in the 1930s and 1940s had some racist tendencies that weren’t seen as (very) racist then. I mean, it’s not like they named “Injun Joe” “Jim Crow,” you know, like in Dumbo. But, in the modern parks? Not being super PC, get out of here!

But, then I thought to myself, on Pirates of the Caribbean they’re selling women as brides. It’s actually pretty hilarious. Splash Mountain is based on the widely considered unwatchablely racist movie, Song of the South. On Country Bear Jamboree, they sing about blood, guys turning you on, and corporal punishment. Think of the fucking children!

And what’s with the segregation of all the nations in Epcot? Not to mention they don’t include any South Americans or Australians. Of course, that might be for public health if the Rio games are anything to base just anything on. In Hollywood Studios, none of the 1930s starlets are ethnic enough for my delicate self, and you know damn well Aerosmith is too white male. Watch your goddamned microaggressions Disney. And, when they try to show off other cultures, like in Animal Kingdom, what do we get? Racism!!!!! Africans don’t dance all day, and how dare you insinuate that people from Nepal climb mountains? Do you think that’s all they do or something???

C’mon now, be more family friendly, Disney. Be even more PC.

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