Mozart Was Murdered-Stay Woke!

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most well-known composer of all time. Known as a child prodigy primarily, he performed before royalty at the age of five. By the time he was seventeen, he was in the Salzburg court as a musician. In his life, he composed over six hundred works before his untimely death at the age of thirty five. Now he was never the picture of perfect health, and people claim he died of strep throat or some other form of illness. However, this is bullshit.

Mozart was too talented and too arrogant to have not been murdered. Mozart was too much competition for everything composers hold dear to not have been murdered. He was a threat, the same way Bryce Harper threatens old men and their love of unwritten rules. To say that Mozart wasn’t murdered is almost insulting. People don’t throw up from strep throat. I’ll give you swelling and pain, but not vomiting. Do not lie to me.

The only thing that could have caused all of those things is poison. Don’t you dare give me that it could be some other disease bullshit, because you know that is too simple. You don’t want the truth. You can’t handle the truth! According to Wikipedia (the greatest source of information on this planet) over 118 different possible causes of death can be attributed to Mozart’s “illness.”

The truth is that the greatest composer ever (or 2nd or 3rd, maybe even 4th depending on your opinion. At the end of the day, that statement is one of opinion and not fact. You may not even like Mozart’s work. I would disagree with you, but that’s really getting off topic) was poisoned, and murdered!

But you ask, who could commit such a heinous crime? It is truly simple; a jealous man. A rival. A man who admitted to murdering the brilliant Mozart. Antonio Salieri, that’s who.


Now, you probably haven’t heard of Antonio Salieri, and that’s because you spend your time on this website, dumbass. For the uninformed, he was an Italian composer. A contemporary and rival of Mozart. He also, years after Mozart’s untimely death, admitted to poisoning him. For some reason, no one believed him. No one believed him even though Mozart was confident he had been poisoned and was telling this to people before he died. Now, the counter argument to this is that some people hallucinate before they die of fever. Fine. Sure. Believe whatever you want. Just answer this one question. Why did his wife agree? Was she hallucinating with fever, too? Nope.

No, this was a poisoning. It was a poisoning by the man dressed in gray who came to Mozart to commission his “Requiem Mass.” While they met for the commissioning of the work, the man in grey poisoned Mozart. Mozart then began composing the piece, which became his own song of requiem (a Requiem Mass of course being a repose for souls in Catholicism). Mozart was of course a Catholic. So, the man in gray came to Mozart and commanded he write his own requiem, which he died writing.

The real question is why no one believed Antonio Salieri when he said that it was he who had poisoned Mozart. A man whom Mozart continually took jobs from. Well, it might be due to his being in the insane asylum while Mozart was dying. Sure, blame that. Wake up! That’s what you’re expected to believe. Do not believe that lie.

Salieri murdered Mozart in a bitter jealousy. Don’t be fooled. I do not know who is covering it up, but someone is. Probably the Illuminati, or maybe the Knights Templar. Hell, it may have been the Habsburg Empire or the Catholic Church. It doesn’t matter. Just know that anyone who died at all mysteriously was murdered by some larger organization. That’s just a fact. Stay woke.


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