The Red Sox Statistically

I listen to a lot of WEEI. I read what people write, and I get angry about what people I don’t know say on Twitter. I am a diehard Red Sox fan, and I hate a large portion of other Red Sox fans. It seems to me that Red Sox fans are all passionate, a fact that I do love. However, about half are well educated about the team, and the other half is dumb, loud, and have no idea what they’re shouting about. They are just upset about their own shitty lives and want something to complain about. It’s like they don’t want this team to be good. Now, this team has plenty of issues. I for one take issue with John Farrell being the manager. The starting pitching is inconsistent at best, and they’re far too streaky. However, they are a good team. This collection of stats from everyone I can remember being on the team this year is just me trying to prove that.

(Note, statistics are through August 4, 2016)


Key=BA-batting average, HR-Home Run, RBI-Run Batted In, OBP-On base Percentage, E-Error


Catcher-Sandy Leon

BA=.369 HR=3 RBI=16 OBP=.409 WAR=1.4 E=1

Let’s face it, Sandy Leon is our best option at catcher. It is also a fact that he is a career backup up at best. He’s playing out of his mind in terms of batting average, but that’s it. Not a ton of power. He only plays a sub-par defensive catcher. Leon will be fine in the short term, but certainly not in the long term.

Catcher-Ryan Hanigan

BA=.163 HR=1 RBI=13 OBP=.222 WAR=-0.7 E=0

(This is a message directly for Ryan Hanigan) Get the fuck off of my team, Hanigan. You old man. You can’t hit, and you can’t field. I have no idea why Farrell uses you so often. You suck. I hate you.

Catcher-Christian Vasquez

BA=.226 HR=1 RBI=12 OBP=.278 WAR=-0.3 E=2

He is such a good defensive catcher. He is the type of guy who makes pitchers better. Unfortunately, he can’t hit. He’s just a mediocre hitter. He is better the Ryan Hanigan, but then again, so am I. He is currently sitting in triple A, for reasons I don’t really know.

Catcher/left field-Blake Swihart

BA=.258 HR=0 RBI=5 OBP=.365 WAR=0.7 E=0

Swihart was supposed to be the catcher to start the year, but he was having some issues defensively, the most notable of which was catching Steven Wright. So, the number one catching prospect was moved to the outfield. He was playing well overall, both hitting a defensive at that point. Unfortunately, he’s been hurt pretty much ever since.

DH-David Ortiz

BA=.313 HR=25 RBI=87 OBP=.400 WAR=3.4 E=0

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about Ortiz? Big Papi is one of the greatest Red Sox of all time. This future Hall of Famer deserves all the praise he gets. Beyond that, he’s having a monster year. He leads the majors in doubles, and the team in home runs. It hurts him to stand up for long periods at this point, but he’s still everyone else’s Papi.

1st base-Hanley Ramirez

BA=.278 HR=14 RBI=62 OBP=.354 WAR=1.4 E=4

Hanley has been having quite the bounce back year, with a better than expected glove at first. His offensive stats are about where we thought they’d be when he was signed. I would like to see a slightly higher average, but that’s looking for something wrong with him. The truth is that Hanley is everything we could’ve wanted.

2nd base-Dustin Pedroia

BA=.298 HR=12 RBI=46 OBP=.369 WAR=3.8 E=4

Perhaps the most important Red Sox, Dustin Pedroia has been great. He’s always been great, but this year has been special. He’s batting around .300 all year, and will be between 15-20 home runs. I’m sure he’s got another gold glove coming his way. The only thing that could go wrong is injury, something not unheard of for The Laser Show.

2nd base-Josh Rutledge

BA=.265 HR=0 RBI=3 OBP=.345 WAR=0.4 E=2

He bounces between the bigs and triple A. Rutledge is in a lot of ways the quintessential backup infielder. He serves this role very well. With a league average batting average, he will never hurt the team.

3rd base/1st base-Travis Shaw

BA=.261 HR=12 RBI=56 OBP=.327 WAR=2.1 E=13

Shaw won the third base job from the fat tub of lard that is Sandoval. However, he is naturally a first basemen, and his defense has shown weakness at third base. However, he has pop in that bat. A great power lefty in the middle of the lineup. He still needs to get better against lefties, and strike out less, but he could be a key piece for years to come.

3rd base-Aaron Hill

BA=.204 HR=1 RBI=4 OBP=.235 WAR=-0.2 E=1 (with Red Sox)

BA=.283 HR=8 RBI=29 OBP=.359 WAR=1.8 E=2 (with Brewers)

He came to the team just before the trade deadline for depth, and to help Shaw out against lefty starters. He’s had a very good career, and I firmly believe that his average will go up, but he probably won’t be more than bench depth at this point in his career.

3B-Pablo Sandoval

BA=.000 HR=0 RBI=0 OBP=.143 WAR=-0.2 E=1

(This message is directly for Pablo Sandoval) Fuck you, you louse covered waste of oxygen. I hate you. Get off my team. Until we either pay another team to take you, or you die, we will pretend you’re hurt. Stop eating, fat ass. It’s embarrassing. You should be ashamed of yourself. Remember when your belt blew up you’re so fat? Fuck you. I wish nothing but bad things for you.

Shortstop-Xander Bogaerts

BA=.320 HR=14 RBI=67 OBP=.377 WAR=3.1 E=10

Bogaerts is basically the crowned King of Aruba, his home nation. Being Aruban means that he also speaks seven languages, pretty impressive. He is probably already the best hitting shortstop in baseball, and will be for well over a decade. He needs to get better defensively, which he already is, and then we’ll be in a very, very, very good place

Shortstop-Marco Hernandez

BA=.295 HR=1 RBI=5 OBP=.367 WAR=-0.3 E=1

He’s a backup who might be a decent starter one day, but probably not with the Red Sox.

Left field-Brock Holt

BA=.257 HR=5 RBI=25 OBP=.325 WAR=0.5 E=2

Holt has so many haters and so many fanboys it is incredible. He is a perfect utility guy, and is a pretty good hitter. He doesn’t deserve the hate, but he’s far removed from his start to last season, which made him an All-Star.

Left field-Bryce Brentz

BA=.263 HR=1 RBI=7 OBP=.300 WAR=-0.2 E=1

Copy and paste Marco Hernandez, but in outfielder form.

Left field-Andrew Benitendi

BA=.400 HR=0 RBI=0 OBP=.400 WAR= E=0

This dude will be the starting left fielder for years to come. He is the number 3 prospect in baseball. I’ve seen him compared to Fred Lynn. The thought of this kid makes me so excited, it almost hurts. He will be a great left fielder for years to come.

Left field-Rusney Castillo

BA=.250 HR=0 RBI=0 OBP=.250 WAR=0.2 E=0

What a waste of money. We signed him desperately when the White Sox got Jose Abreu. He can run and field, but with below average contact, and the inability to hit it out of the infield, I am done with him. He is not who we thought he was. Goodbye, go away.

Center field-Jackie Bradley Jr

BA=.292 HR=17 RBI=62 OBP=.370 WAR=4.3 E=3

Jackie fucking baseball, man. Love him. He is maybe the best defensive center fielder in the game. The dude can run too. So, now that he is hitting well above the league average, and with more home runs than I thought he had in him, I think he is untradeable. This is a new way of thinking for me, but he is so good.

Center field-Chris Young

BA=.277 HR=6 RBI=15 OBP=.338 WAR=0.4 E=0

Gotta get at-bats. He’s old and past his prime. Young is serviceable, but I don’t really like when he plays. We have better options.

Right field-Mookie Betts

BA=.305 HR=22 RBI=70 OBP=.346 WAR=5.5 E=1

The future of baseball. Pure and simple. He is a four tool guy, with the only thing he doesn’t do great being his arm strength. Amazing defense, and great speed. Betts is probably the best leadoff hitter in baseball, and with shocking power. He is only getting better too. You have to love Mookie.


Key=R-Record, IP-Innings Pitched, ERA-Earned Run Average, WHIP-Walk & Hits per Innings Pitched WAR-Wins Above Replacement, S-Saves, BS-Blown Saves


Starting pitcher-David Price

R=9-7 IP=150.2 ERA=4.30 WHIP=1.248 WAR=0.6

Yeah, he’s overpaid. Yes, $1,000,000.00 a start is a bit much for average pitching. However, he is getting better. It seems to me like he had an issue transitioning to Boston, and now Fenway, and Sox fans are in his head. All of his best starts have been on the road. He is getting better though. He’ll be great next year. I hope.

Starting pitcher-Rick Porcello

R=14-3 IP=143 ERA=3.46 WHIP=1.084 WAR=2.9

Everyone acted like it was the end of the world when he was bad last year. However, this was due in large part to injury. The ground ball pitcher is tied for second in the American league in wins, and has been our ace. It amazes me that people still don’t believe he is good. With his next win Porcello will tie his own single season win record of 15.

Starting pitcher-Steven Wright

R=12-5 IP=137.2 ERA=3.20 WHIP=1.242 WAR=2.0

The guy who just barely made the rotation with his “trick pitch” the knuckleball. Well, for a long time he had the best ERA in the American League, and he made the All-Star team. That’s more than he was asked to do this season, and I am grateful. You should be too.

Starting pitcher-Eduardo Rodriguez

R=2-4 IP=53.1 ERA=5.91 WHIP=1.519 WAR=-0.7

I’ll admit it, he’s my boy. Unfortunately due to injury and tipping pitches, he started his season pretty awfully. It seems like he’s figured it out. He’s trusting his off speed stuff. I truly believe Rodriguez will be great.

Starting pitcher-Sean O’Sullivan

R=2-0 IP=21.1 ERA=6.75 WHIP=1.688 WAR=-0.5

No idea how he got any starts, let alone wins.

Starting pitcher-Drew Pomeranz

R=0-2 IP=20.1 ERA=6.20 WHIP=1.672 WAR=-0.3 (with Red Sox)

R=8-7 IP=102 ERA=2.47 WHIP=1.059 WAR=2.2 (with Padres)

Pomeranz haters need to shut up. They point to his Red Sox stats and say he sucks, can’t handle the AL East (even though he hasn’t played anyone in the AL East), or is maybe a bullpen guy. Give me a fucking break. Dude is an all-star. He had one God awful start and three pretty good ones with the Red Sox. That awful start skews his Red Sox stats. He is going from a pitchers park to a hitters, and be patient. It isn’t easy to move across the country and be told you suck by a guy from Quincy.

Starting pitcher-Clay Bucholz

R=4-9 IP=88.2 ERA=5.79 WHIP=1.432 WAR=-0.8

I’m done. It’s over. Bucholz is the person you date, and they string you along with one nice thing. Well, it’s time to move on. I’ve been hurt one too many times.

Starting pitcher-Joe Kelly

R=2-0 IP=26 ERA=7.62 WHIP=2.154 WAR=-0.6

Never should’ve traded Lackey.

Starting pitcher-Henry Owens

R=0-0 IP=12.1 ERA=5.11 WHIP=2.108 WAR=0.0

I’m waiting for him to develop, but he never does. I’m ready to package him for someone else this off season. He just isn’t that good.

Relief Pitcher-Craig Kimbrel

R=2-3 IP=35.1 ERA=3.31 WHIP=1.047 WAR=0.8 S=18 BS=2

A top three closer in baseball. Unfortunately, he was hurt for about a month. Occasionally, Kimbrel does have control issues, but that fastball is insane. As long as you don’t use Kimbrel in a non-save situation he is pretty much Gucci.

Relief Pitcher-Junichi Tazawa

R=2-1 IP=37.1 ERA=3.13 WHIP=1.098 WAR=0.9

Farrell used and abused Tazawa. He looks tired, all the time. He can still be great, but not like he was a few years ago.

Relief Pitcher-Robbie Ross Jr

R=1-2 IP=39.1 ERA=3.89 WHIP=1.144 WAR=0.4

Maybe my favorite Sox reliever. He is reliable, and fun loving. Ross is exactly the kind of guy you need on you roster.

Relief Pitcher-Matt Barnes

R=3-3 IP=49.1 ERA=3.10 WHIP=1.257 WAR=0.9

Criminally underrated. He has gotten the Sox out of tons of jams. His fastball is alive, and I love to watch him pitch.

Relief Pitcher-Tommy Layne

R=0-1 IP=28.2 ERA=3.77 WHIP=1.430 WAR=0.4

Similar to Breslow last season. He is a looping lefty that always seems to give up a couple of runs. I’m done watching him suck.

Relief Pitcher-Koji Uehara

R=2-3 IP=36 ERA=4.50 WHIP=1.028 WAR=-0.1

I’ll never forget what he did in 2013, but he is too old now. Batters know what he has, and he struggles to get it by them.

Relief Pitcher-Brad Ziegler

R=0-2 IP=9.1 ERA=0.96 WHIP=0.857 WAR=0.3 (with Red Sox)

R=2-3 IP=38.1 ERA=2.82 WHIP=1.461 WAR=1.1 (with Diamondbacks)

His weird delivery is fun to watch, and hard to pick up for batters. When he keeps pitches low, which so far he has, he’s unhittable. I just hope he doesn’t leave one up when we need perfection.

Relief Pitcher-Fernando Abad

R=0-1 IP=1.1 ERA=6.75 WHIP=2.250 WAR=-0.1 (with Red Sox)

R=1.4 IP=34 ERA=2.65 WHIP=1.206 WAR=1.0 (with Twins)

The supposed lefty specialist has appeared in two games so far, and sucked twice. Now, it appears the fans hate him, and Farrell doesn’t trust him already. Hopefully, he turns it around. I kind of doubt it though.

Relief Pitcher-Heath Hembree

R=4-0 IP=37.1 ERA=2.41 WHIP=1.473 WAR=0.5

Why Hembree hasn’t been utilized more is beyond me. An awesome ERA, in what is far from a small sample size. Why he is in triple A is beyond me. It’s like management hates winning sometimes, because Hembree has been awesome this season.

Relief Pitcher-Carson Smith

R=0-0 IP=2.2 ERA=0.00 WHIP=1.125 WAR=0.1

Smith was supposed to be part of the bullpen’s fix, but he only appeared in three games before needing Tommy John Surgery. Get well soon, and get back out there. He should still be great.


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