Trump’s Greatest Enemy


Growing up less than one hour from Boston, one thing that is absolute fact is that Harvard University is the ultimate authority on all things intellectual or as they would say (I’m totally kidding, they would never say this unless they are in a movie with bad Boston accents…so every movie minus The Departed) where the smahta (notice the substantial lack of an R) people go. The reason this is relevant is because Harvard Republicans decided not to endorse the Republican nominee for president for the first time in over 130 years. That’s a long ass time. Like before the MLB old! Their reasoning? In an ostentatious barrage of accelerated vocabulary, Harvard literally tears down the Republican nominee and states they don’t give two yankee shits about who they have endorsed for over 100 years, they are not backing Trump, a man they call “overtly rude.”

Do you realize how much this insult stings? Boston is a city where fans sent death threats to Goodell, expletive filled rants to Kevin Durant, and where the word “Yankees” is almost always followed by a word or set of words that is banned on the radio. Boston is a city full of angry, cranky Northeasterners who think they are better than everybody else… and even they think Donald Trump took it too far. It doesn’t help that he’s from NY. He’s practically the A-Rod of politics, doing everything Bostonians respect but in a way that makes New York seem better than it actually is.

While they didn’t formally (or in any way) endorse Gary Johnson, is it too early to say that the “smahtest” college on Planet Earth is “feeling the Johnson?” Only time will tell if you like the clever masturbation reference, but one thing is certain: Donald Trump has made a very powerful enemy. I mean the last time a rich guy pissed us off this bad, we started a whole new freaking country!

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