Vincent van Gogh Was Murdered- Stay Woke!

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Today, Vincent van Gogh is known as maybe the finest painter of all time. His influence can be seen in art today. It is well known that the Dutch post-impressionist was incredibly depressed. He was tormented by his inner demons, as well as outward failure. Van Gogh once even, as legend has it, mutilated his own ear. That is why it is commonly accepted that he killed himself, by way of gunshot. After all, as police concluded, a man known as mentally ill and poor, would be likely to kill himself.

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I know it is more romantic to have Vincent van Gogh killing himself in a wheat field he had been painting, but that’s not what happened. Yes, van Gogh died of a gunshot wound. However, it was far from a suicide. Yes, my friends, it is with great certainty that I can inform you that Vincent van Gogh was murdered in cold blood.

Now, I know it seems there is no motivation for this, but there doesn’t always have to be a great motivation. Oftentimes people are bored, so they harass people. That is the case in the death of Vincent van Gogh. You see, van Gogh was living in France at the time of his death, and, as is the case in much of France, people had nothing better to do but harass the poor painter. The most notable of these was a certain Rene Secretan, a teenage boy noted for his odd habit of carrying a gun.


Now, it should be noted that van Gogh was almost certainly against suicide. Earlier in his life, in private correspondence, he would speak distinctly against the act. Furthermore, people don’t commit suicide by shooting themselves in the stomach. It doesn’t make sense, because there is a decent chance that you are unsuccessful. In fact, there was no gunpowder residue on his hands, and it appeared the bullet entered from a distance away. That doesn’t sound like suicide to me.

So, why did van Gogh insist that he had killed himself, saying, “My body is mine and I am free to do what I want with it. Do not accuse anybody, it is I that wished to commit suicide.” So, why didn’t you finish the job with the gun you “couldn’t find?” Meanwhile, the teenage boy (who said he and his brother had known van Gogh that summer and had tormented him mercilessly) showed so much remorse. It doesn’t seem to add up, and it is evident that the French police took the easy way out.


It is evident to me that Vincent van Gogh was shot by Rene Secretan. The only issue is that he truly had no motive. He didn’t have a motive to bully the artist either, though, so why would he need one now? However, it is possible that due to van Gogh not wishing to commit suicide, he asked the boy to do it for him. It is also possible that the two fought or argued and it escalated into a shooting. In either case, van Gogh would have claimed suicide to defend the boy from jail time or a possible death sentence.

Now, this is the very basic and probable actuality of the events of Vincent van Gogh’s death. However, what if the truth is much more sinister. What if the Illuminati paid to have van Gogh killed? For years, secret Illuminati members were buying his works for next to nothing, as he was not popular in his own life (also more than likely the doing of the Illuminati). So, now that they owned most of his works, they had him killed so they could convince the public he was a genius. Therefore, the works they already owned became priceless masterpieces.

Something to think about, stay woke.


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