Vote Harambe This Election Cycle

America needs leadership. We do not need an egotistical maniac, and we do not need a corrupt sociopath. We do not need a politician. Some have suggested that we need a singer. I say we need a Texas born gorilla that’s not named Bush. We need Harambe!

Yes! We need Harambe, patriot and martyr for President. His heroism and ideals will bring us to glory. It is the only way we can avoid international disgrace. This is the peaceful warrior we need, but don’t deserve. Stoic, a hero. If you do not vote for Harambe you can move out of here, and go back home to the People’s Republic of Yousukistan.


Harambe is Churchill!

Harambe is Kennedy!

Harambe is Lincoln!

Harambe is Alexander the Great!

Harambe is God!

Vote Harambe for President of the USA! He’s not a fringe candidate anymore. He’s polling at 5% and he may as well be Gary Johnson.

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