Willie Nelson for President


It was just your average drive around town. Some friends and I were cruising when I saw this lawn sign. It gave me a good laugh when I saw it, but then it made me think, “Why not Willie Nelson for president?”

I mean really. This has been the most absurd election of all time. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has been quoted saying some truly vulgar and offensive things that I won’t even delve into. And Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, on the other hand was very recently investigated by the FBI who basically said, “Ya, she is guilty of the whole email scandal and also lied about it, but let’s not prosecute her.” That smells a little… corrupt.

So Americans are left choosing who they dislike less. But wait! There’s a healthy alternative in a country music legend, good ole Willie Nelson. If billionares with no political experience can run, then Willie might as well too. He could probably win if he just didn’t say or do anything too ridiculous and just be a sensible candidate, which he is! So I am officially pro-Nelson for the Oval Office.

Side note: where did this guy get that lawn sign?

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